Chrome’s Hidden Features

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Drag Multiple Tabs at once

Most of us are familiar with the ability to drag and drop or mix and match Chrome tabs into another browser windows. Furthermore, you can do this with more than one tab at a time. For this, follow the following steps:

  • Hold Ctrl key and click on tabs you want to move.
  • Then, drag those selected tabs into destination browser windows.
  • If you are on Mac, then you have to hold the command key.

Simpler way to search:

Firstly, highlight a word and perform a drag and drop in a tab where you want to perform search. However, this is similar to copy and paste. Secondly, highlight a word and right click on highlighted word and you will prompt a pop-up option to conduct a Google search. (If you are Mac user, then control click on a highlighted word.)

Restore all tabs that you accidently closed:

Do you ever mistakenly closed tabs and wanted to reopen those tabs?? Then, all you have to do is press Ctrl + Shift + t (Command + Shift + t for Mac users). This command will reopen any recently closed tabs. You can continue pressing these key combinations for more tabs to reopen.

Bookmark any links easily:

If you want continuous and easy access to any website, you can quickly add it to your bookmarks bar. For this, highlight the link and drag to your Bookmarks bar. If your browser is not showing bookmark bar, then click on icon on the right corner of the browser. After that, select bookmarks and then show bookmarks bar.

Switch quickly between the tabs:

If you want to switch quickly between the tabs then hold down the Ctrl key and press tab associated number. The number for tabs starts from 1 beginning from left tabs. Also, tab and Ctrl allows you to switch tabs one after another.

Open specific page on startup:

You can set chrome to open particular website every time you start up. For this, go to Setting and on startup option select open a specific page or set of pages. Then, click on set pages and provide Urls for pages you want to open on startup.

Secret Pages on Chrome:

Most of the pages are hidden in chrome as users never need to use them. They are just under-the-hood info for coders and developers. You can find urls lists in here, and their use from here.

Chrome is a Multimedia Browser:

It is a multimedia browser due to which you can drag and drop any multimedia files in its tab Then, you can take a quick gander.

Zoom in and zoom out:

You can zoom in or out on a page by pressing Ctrl key and plus or minus key simultaneously. Once you zoom in or out from default. A magnifying glass icon appears in right side of the omnibox. You can click on that box to manually zoom in or out ar reset to default. Additionally, you can click Ctrl and 0 (zero) keys simultaneously to return to default .

Quickly delete browsing history:

Press Ctrl-Shift-Delete simultaneously and a clear browsing data window will open. (Press shift-Command-Delete for Mac). Then, you can delete browsing history, cookies and so on.

Create link icon to desktop:

You can create link icon to click on later. For this, highlight a URL in omnibox and drag and drop it on desktop. Chrome automatically creates clickable icon for later use.

Access Chrome experiments:

You can access user-submitted experiments from here. Here, most of them seem to work just fine in other browsers as well.

Chrome mobile flip:

Open chrome browser in your android phone. Then, go to tap view and swipe up 5 times and your tab will do a little barrel roll. It only appears to work when vertical. Also, it only works on Android phones.

Chrome’s Task Manager

You can access task manager of chrome from click hamburger icon in top-right-corner > More tools > task manager. Also, you can access it by pressing Shift + Esc key simultaneously. Here, you will see all the plugins, extensions and tabs that are currently in progress.

100 tabs ( Mobile only):

Bored? Open your chrome mobile browser and open 100 tabs. You will notice that the little tab counter at the top right-hand corner becomes a little grinning emotion 😀




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