Best Desktop Customization tools for Windows

desktop customization

Best Desktop Customization tools for Windows

Customization is the great thing, it make your Windows looks much stylish and awesome. Here are some applications that helps to customize your Desktop.


objectdock-03-700x393This application help you to make your own stylish taskbar or dock bar same like Mac OS. ObjectDock is available for free and paid version. you can create your own settings like zoom effects, you can pin your favorite application to dock bar. it also shows the running applications. You can change styles, colors, and themes of ObjectDock.


header_no_flash5This is another great application for those users who wants to place all their applications on Desktop. What this application does is it helps to arrange the desktop icons and organize them in a several tabs. You can also manage icons by creating your own tabs with specific names. It also let you hide and show tabs with a single click. so this is also a best customization tool for Windows.


shield_ironman_jarvis_rainmeter_theme__screenshot__by_ferozkhanhamid-d55yc3zThis is so amazing customization tool and best one. this small Mb file let you make your desktop like a super computer. this tool that provides you the ability to customize almost all the Windows along with its extra widgets.  this tool is easy to install and use, all you need is to download it’s skins and install them with rainmeter or you can use its default skin.


dexpot_introWith this customize tool you can use several virtual desktop for different applications. this tool helps you to put all important software and folders into one virtual desktop, while placing your general software and folders into another virtual desktop. this tool is very much useful if you have different types of projects and jobs running on. Dexpot provides you many other features like switching between virtual desktop and transition effects and many other .


tiles_ss5This is another great customization tool for your Windows. Tiles allows you to quick view and manage your applications by simply looking at the edge of your screen. it not only store the application in edge but also gives you many features like drag any software or folders, files and split in multiple windows in Windows 8 and also let you swipe though the pages to view a different set of icons. You can also customize it location, size and also its behavior. it keeps you Desktop clean and easy to switch between apps and files.


I hope you like these desktop customization tools. If you liked it don’t forget to share it with your friends too. Thanks




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