Cool and Amazing websites to check out 2017


Cool and Amazing websites to check out 2017

There are lots of cool and amazing websites on the internet. These websites will help you to pass your time when you feel bored. Yeah, you have read the right thing. These websites are just pretty cool and will surely allow to keep calm. So, without any further delay let’s check out this cool and amazing websites now.

1. Lamebook

cool and amazing websites

If you get bored of surfing Facebook. Then try Lamebook. It consists of all the funny stuffs occurred in Facebook. It brings you all the embarrassing moments of people in this social network.

2. Madeon Adventure Machine

cool and amazing websites

This website is very amazing. It is amazing in the sense that it produces cool and addictive music. This website is a part of France’s Electronic music producer who is just 21 years old. It is very cool website where you can create your own electronic beat tracks within few clicks and share it with your friends too.

3. Honest Slogans

cool and amazing websitesThis website consists of the slogans as said in the title. Here in this website the popular brands and their re-imagined slogans are presented which  might sound funny and awkward too. Their slogans are redefined here just for fun purposes.

4. Explore Mount Everest

cool and amazing websites  As said in the title you can explore the whole Mount Everest from this website in 3D. It is a virtual 3D trek to the top of Mount Everest. As shown in the image the scaling will be shown in the left side. It will provide you the real experience of being at the Mount Everest. You can also watch the nearby places in 360 degree at the top of the Mount Everest.

5. Project Alexandria

cool and amazing websites

This website is especially for those who love reading new books. This website is so cool that it offers you to search a book and it will provide you some more related books. All you have to do is go to the provided link and then search the book title or the author name then it will provide you five more similar book recommendations.

6. World CAM

cool and amazing websites

This is one of the amazing websites listed here. It allows you to search the recent Geo-tagged Instagram photos. You should just enter the address in the search box then the results will load up. Those images will be the most recent ones taken in that place.

7. Faces of Facebook

cool and amazing websites

This website presents you all the faces of 1.2 billion people on this social network. This website will make you feel how small you are when you even get tired of finding your face in the list. The face at the top of the list is Mark Zuckerberg himself.

8. AnimaGraffs

cool and amazing websites

Have you ever wondered how the things work? But you were not able to figure it out. This website will provide you the animated gifs by showing how the things work. It will make you clear of what you are confused with.

9. Dear Photograph

cool and amazing websites

The tagline of this website is Take a Picture of a Picture from the Past In the Present. The tagline clearly says what is in this website. Peoples can post their photographs by comparing the old photographs in the same place being photographed now. It feels amazing to remember that moment. It is cool website where the memories can be shared.

10. Giphy

cool and amazing websites

This website contains of all the funny GIF images which will make you laugh. It contains the best GIF images and lets you have some fun while you get bored surfing internet. You can browse through the thousands of stored GIF files to enjoy it.

11. A Good Movie to watch

cool and amazing websites

If you are fond of watching nice movies. And yet you haven’t found it then you should not worry about it. This website will help to find out the next best movie for you. This website provides you through the staff picks and random suggestions for the next movie to watch.

Well these are some of the cool and amazing websites to check out. Hope you liked this post. If you like this post don’t forget to share it with you friends. Please do share and comment you views. Thanks.




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