Top Ten Biggest Tech Acquisitions Of 2016


Top Ten Biggest Tech Acquisitions Of 2016

The year, 2016 was one of the most active year in the field of tech. In this year, we saw $612.9 billion in global tech deals according to Dealogic. But, it  just manage to become second best year for acquisitions. It wasn’t able to achieve the height that was reached in 2015 where we were able to saw $691.4 billion in tech transactions all over the world.

So, here are the biggest deals of 2016:

1. Qualcomm buys NXP Semiconductors

Qualcomm Inc.’s agreement to pay $47 billion to buy NXP semiconductors is the biggest deal of 2016.  NXP Semiconductors is the world’s largest developer of chips for automobiles which represents a huge bet on cars becoming the next smartphone.

2. SoftBank buys ARM holdings

This one is the second biggest deal of this year where SoftBank paid $31.6 billion to acquire chip designer ARM holdings. The UK-based company is a big force in mobile technology and its microprocessors that are used in phones for Samsung and Apple.

3. Microsoft buys LinkedIn

Microsoft put altogether $26.2 billion to buy LinkedIn. Lately, LinkedIn was not able to meet its investors expectation and Microsoft realize it is a good time to make an offer.

4. Analog buys Linear Technology

Analog Devices Inc. agreed to acquire Linear Technology Corp. for about $14.8 billion to create the primer analogy technology company. Well, there combination brings the strongest business and technology franchises in the semiconductor industry.

5. Quintiles Transactional buys IMS Health

IMS, which is  a healthcare technology provider got $14.7 billion along with debt from Quintiles Transactional. It is known fact that the two business will combine forces to aid in research and data services for the pharmaceutical industry.

6. Oracle buys NetSuite

Oracle paid $9.5 billion to buy NetSuite in order to boost its enterprise cloud offerings. NetSuite  helps in managing a variety of services, including accounting, e-commerce and customer relatins. Well, after buying NetSuite Oracle will rapidly  accelerate in the development of internet-based tools.

7. Samsung buys Harman

Samsung Electronics was successful to make a deal of $8.9 billion(including debt) with Harman international industries in November. Harman is popular for its new and innovative ideas and creation for which Samsungs has bought it. Recently, Harman has developed navigation systems for connected cars.

8. Micro-Focus buys Hewlett Packward Enterprise(software)

As we know Hewlett-Packward splitted into two companies in 2015 and even in 2015 HP divided even more. So, UK based Micro-Focus took that advantage to buy the software assets of HPE for $8.8 billion. It was also successful to inherit HPE’s big data and security business.

9. Tencent buys(most of) Supercell

Supercell got $8.6 billion form Tencent for around 84% od Supercell apps, games etc. The Chinese investment was able to buy some most popular games of Supercell like Clash of Clans.

10. Computer sciences Corp(CSC) buys HPE(enterprise services)

CSC is paying $8.3 billion(with debt) for its IP services business. HPE shareholders will still own 50% of the merged companies.

Well these are list of the top 10 acquisitions of 2016. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you liked this article then don’t forget to share it with your friends in social media. Thanks.




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