Convert Sign Language Into Words: NIFTY GLOVES

Convert Sign Language Into Words

Convert Sign Language Into Words: NIFTY GLOVES

Two students at University of Washington has invented a new gadget which will reduce the communication barrier for the deaf as well as people who cannot speak. They have invented a pair of gloves called nifty glove which can convert the American Sign language into speech or text. This invention is definitely a boon for those who are not able to speak as well as those who are deaf. This will reduce communication barrier between such people.

The gloves are light weight and can be worn on the hands which is connected to the computer through Bluetooth. It contains sensors combined with arm straps. It works on all conditions. The sensors interpret the hand movements and record it. The information is then sent to the computer. The computer contains the database of American Sign Language. Through statistical analysis it chooses the most likely word for the movement And finally the output is provided in the form of text or word. The text and speech output will let you communicate between mute, deaf as well as the blind people.

What makes these gloves different from other?

Several other devices exist which translates the sign language .But there is some specialty about these gloves:

1.It uses sensors thus it works on any situation and condition during day ,night and all other conditions.

2.They are light weight so people will not feel it bulky and awkward.

3.Translation speed is faster.

4.It is more ergonomic (easier and safe to use).

5.It can provide text as well as speech output.

The two designer of the gloves are Navid Azodi and Thomas Prior. They were awarded with LEMELSON-MIT Student prize for their work. The prize was of $10,000.The technology like these will slowly reduce the requirement of an intermediate person for translating the signals.




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