WikiLeaks backs with another biggest leak involving CIA Vault 7

Wiki Leaks confirmed released huge confidential data

Wiki Leaks backs with another biggest leak involving CIA Vault 7

Wiki Leaks has confirmed and released huge confidential data involving with the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). Vault 7 is the archive of data which consist of 8,716 documents with total of 513 MB (Torrent) which was released last Tuesday. According to the sources they have been developing zero-day exploits for numerous devices including Windows, Linux, Android and iOS devices. These documents have been claimed to came from a secure networks of CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia.

Zero-Day Exploits and It’s Ability
This exploit has been the biggest hacks of all time which has the capability to hack smartphones and various social media and messengers. This exploit has can also crack encryption of so called secured messengers including Telegram, WhatsApp and Weibo which turn on your microphone and collect audio and messages. Other agencies like GCHQ and NSA has also been partner for the specialized unit for its mobile development for malware to hack smartphones including apple devices.

Hacking Smart TV’s for spying
Vault 7 also includes a technique given a code name Weeping Angel which was used for hacking smart TVs converting them into microphone to record audio.

Malware that can steal data from PCs
HammerDrill in also considered as one of the most powerful weapons of CIA that was implanted via CD DVDs and USB images in different operating system like Linux, Mac OS, Solaris and Windows. It has ability to target most secured computers that are isolated form the internet and various networks.

According to the other sources it was confirmed that CIA has been developing tools that can remotely hack into electronic vehicle. And it has been used to cause various assassinations and was covered as an undetectable accidents. For more information please check out Wiki Leaks Site.




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