Freeflix and Chill


Tired of downloading movies and series with torrent or streaming them from the internet with ADSL and other so called Fiber Optics ISP.  Here’s how to get Netflix premium account for free and don’t worry it buffers way faster than other websites. Here’s how to do it:

Note: Chrome browser is mandatory and your must add an extension.

Click here to download the cookie editor and you and ready to go.

Click on the Add Extension and it will automatically install on your browser in no time. After installation restart your browser and click on the extension which resides in top right corner of your browser with small cookie icon.

After than click on Import tab as shown in the picture which is represented by right arrow sign and you can see box now here’s comes the most amazing part. You have to go to this site Freeflix and you can find cookie. Gently copy them from top to bottom as shown in the picture.

Paste those cookie in import tab and click on green tick mark then refresh the cookie as well as Netflix page and you can access premium Netflix account for free.

Here’s the Final page we load with our cookie editor. You can have unlimited access to all your favorite movies and series. Share this with your friends and enjoy Netflix. Check out our website for more tricks and tips on latest technology, gadgets and internet.




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