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Google's AI

Google’s AI Develops How To Code Machine Learning Software?

With the rapid progress in the field of technology, it is for sure many production jobs will reduce in future. Never tired with its...

Top Ten Biggest Tech Acquisitions Of 2016

Top Ten Biggest Tech Acquisitions Of 2016 The year, 2016 was one of the most active year in the field of tech. In this year,...
photodynamic therapy

Scientists Target To Cure Cancer Tumors Through Light

Scientists Target To Cure Cancer Tumors Through Light It has not been very long that Dr. Gang Han, a scientist found a way to improve...
hardware issue of iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Being Victim Of Hardware Problem

It is very rear to hear iPhone getting some serious hardware problem after its release. Well, with new creativeness added in it there is...
myo wristband

Childhood Dream Came True With Myo Wristband

Who haven't dreamed about having super powers within them in their childhood? What if you can achieve this dream now? With this new innovative...
blocked websites

How To Access Blocked Websites?

Everyone must have experienced the situation when you are unable to access many websites in schools, colleges, workplaces etc. Sometime, you may find out...

Effect Of Counter-Strike Hacking Tool

It doesn’t seem to be long when I use to play Counter Strike with my friends whole day. Though, we win or lose, we...

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